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Bekka Bramlett show ad, 2 January 2014



Quite a night...

On January 2, Bonnie helped celebrate daughter Bekka's show at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville.

Although not touring in recent times, Bonnie has made a succcession of guest appearances with friends and for some worthy causes, as a search of YouTube will soon show. Bekka, meanwhile, has been prolific as a sought after session and backing singer but for this show, as many have often wished, she held the spotlight and centre stage for a show of her own. Bonnie and Bekka's duets on "In The Arms Of An Angel" and "Long Line Of Strong Women" were highlights that promise to linger in the memory for quite some time.

Session work continues on three differing abums:

Unsung Hero album cover, 2013


Forever Young album cover, 2012



When I Was Your Age album cover, 2012

Various Artists
"Unsung Hero:
A Tribute to the Music of Ron Davies"

Following a number of other highlights, Bonnie closes out this tastefully chosen and performed collection of songs from the late Ron Davies with a warm and aching rendition of "Lay My Body Down".

Lovingly prepared by sister Gail Davies over nearly a decade, the fruits of this labour of love are finally ripe for enjoyment and appreciation. The music is as impressive as the roster of contributors, which includes Delbert McClinton, Jimmy Hall, Alison Kraus, Guy Clark and Vince Gill to mention just a few. Further enhancing the spirit of the project, proceeds are destined to benefit the musical education of underprivileged children. Check here for details, with some video promised.....

The Les Humphries Singers
"Forever Young"

Bonnie adds some lead lines and backing to a modern Euro- pop cover of "Never Ending Song Of Love". Originally written by Delaney as a skipping rope song for his daughters, the song became a big hit for Delaney & Bonnie and others too.

On the way into the recording booth, Bonnie was heard to catch the studio engineer momentarily off guard with an unexpected request of "did you bring the lyrics sheet?", before projecting her unique voice into new territory once again.

Patterson Barrett
"When I Was Your Age..."

From the liner notes: "Bonnie Bramlett, one of the most soulful singers on the planet, lent her vocals to the lead-off track, "Come Back To Me" as well as the CDs' closer, "Nobody’s Fault But Your Own". Her voice is so unique and full of character - I thought I was actually in Little Feat or on tour with Delaney and friends for a moment."

The Austin Chronicle recounts the meeting with Bonnie and you can listen to the first song on Patterson's website.

Chuck Leavell

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Chuck Leavell & Friends with special guest Bonnie Bramlett

Almost 40 years since he made a notable mark with a remarkable note or two on her "It's Time" album, Bonnie rejoins her friend Chuck Leavell, to help kick off the Festival in fine style on Friday, April 27, 2012.

Bonnie's Session #133
(or something like that!)

Aside from her own solo albums, those with Delaney & Bonnie and numerous compilations, 133 is about the number of albums that now carry Bonnie's voice. Here are a couple of the latest.

Welcome To Alabama


Chuck Foster's album "Gettin' Back To Livin'" is comprised mainly of tuneful, driven, country honk... then somewhere in the middle, Bonnie comes along and takes lead vocals for the whole of the slow and earnest ballad, "Here's To You" - and to complete that line of the song, "and here's to Rock 'N' Roll".

You can try out most of the songs here.

Bonnie performs a rousing duet on "Nothin’ You Can Do ", on The Kenneth Brian Band's debut album, "Welcome To Alabama" - a hard edged album of "outlaw country music meets southern rock", produced by Johnny Sandlin with contributions from other southern stalwarts including David Hood and Randall Bramblett. This paticular song was originally recorded by Dickey Betts & Great Southern.
roseanne's nuts cartoon

Remember Roseanne?

Judging by the entries in Bonnie's guest book, many people first discovered Bonnie's singining via the popular sitcom, "Roseanne". Fast forward a couple of decades and many more may be in for a similar treat, as Bonnie has been filming for "Roseanne's Nuts", a reality show set on Roseanne's macadamia nut and livestock farm on Big Island, Hawaii. The series premiered on Lifetime Television on July 13, 2011 and in the third episode, Roseanne enlists Bonnie's help to her prepare for a rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at a local softball game.

Bonnie's earlier work with Roseanne is summarised over on the TV & Movie page. With no current touring or recording plans up her sleeve, Bonnie is exploring prospects of further work on film, to build on previous successful, enjoyble cameo appearances such as with Kevin Costner in "The Guardian". Whatever emerges, let's hope there's lots of singing involved!

Bonnie's steady stream of session work continues...

... including a special guest appearance at Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton's reunion concert with their much loved band, Cowboy, at the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, Georgia, on December 17, 2010.

Around 35 years after the boys provided sterling support for Bonnie's first Capricorn album, "It's Time", Bonnie returned the honours by joining them onstage for the slow burning title track of that album.

A recording was filmed from the audience ( Youtube) and you can listen to clips and purchase the full show on CD at Hittin' The Note.

Cowboy Reunion 2010

Whole Lotta Blues

Where's That Music Coming From

Wretches & Blabberers

Troy Turner
"Whole Lotta Blues"

Backing vocals on a cover of Don Nix' song "Goin' Down", with driving guitar work from Brian May, Leslie West and Audley Reed and organ by Bobby Whitlock.



Jo-El Sonnier
Where's That Music Coming From"

Background vocal support for a second time on one of Jo-El's Cajun country albums.



Various Artists
"Wretches & Blabberers"

Bonnie contributes "Breakers & The Wind" to the soundtrack of this film about two autistic men, a film "about finding a voice, for those who’ve suffered so long without one of their own.” This sombre, reflective song is gently sung to the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. Listen on Youtube.

Tommy Crain

1951 - 2011

Bonnie with Tommy Crain, Gritfest II, 2010

Tommy Crain, long time guitarist for The Charlie Daniels Band, passed away in his sleep on January 13, 2011. In recent years, Tommy lead his own band, The Crosstown Allstars, who performed their own set and backed Bonnie at the Gritzfest II Festival in February 2010.

"I am faced with loss of friends. I am not guaranteed tomorrow nor have I ever been... Our Dear Friend Tommy Crain has Crossed Over and I will truely miss him. My prayers for the "COMFORTER " to stay his wife Melissa are strong and long. I sure am going to miss you Brother and I say to you... Well Done Dear Friend and I'll see you in the LIGHT." Bonnie Bramlett

Sunday, December 12, 2010
A special message from Bonnie... Happy Birthday, Dickey Betts!


To a musical giant and gigantic friend... here are just a couple our many happy music making memories... at the Angelus concert in 2002 and (below) at one of Charlie Daniels' Volunteer Jams the day before yesterday, from an old VHS tape with the Allman Brothers Band.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Do you think Delaney & Bonnie deserve induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
See Bonnie's message on the Home page and please support the petition.

Delaney & Bonnie and Friends - new live Box Set

Meanwhile, the duo's 1969 tour of England has finally been given the recognition it deserves, through a greatly expanded edition of the "On Tour With Eric Clapton" album. The new 4 CD box set includes the three complete shows from the Royal Albert Hall and Croyden and a disc of songs from the early and late shows in Bristol. Full details and samples of all the songs can be found at Rhino Handmade. What would you like for Christmas?!

On Tour box set (picture 1) On Tour box set (picture 2) On Tour box set (picture 3)

From the thoughtful, informative review at

"... the album’s standout vocals belong to Bonnie Bramlett, who - to which this sonic document will attest – may deserve further consideration as to her position in the constellation of rock and soul singers. Strong, almost bombastic at times, Bonnie’s vocals are as pretty as Roberta Flack’s and as powerful as Janis Joplin’s. When the girl gets into it - consider Bessie Griffin’s “That’s What My Man Is For” - she can sing, scream, shout and squeal with equal verve. “I still think Bonnie Bramlett is the greatest white blues and soul singer that ever will live,” said stage partner Rita Coolidge in the extensive liner notes. "

Here's a rare picture of most of the band relaxing at Eric's house, where they lived and practised in the days leading up to the tour.

Delaney & Bonnie and Friends with PP Arnold, relaxing at Eric Clapton's, 1969

From back left: Eric Clapton, Judy Keys, Rita Coolidge, Jim Gordon, Jim Price.
Bottom row: Bobby Whitlock, Bonnie Bramlett, Delaney Bramlett, PP Arnold (who sang as a support act on the tour), Carl Radle, Bobby Keys (at front).

Bud Scoppa's detailed background notes of the tour pick up Bonnie's story of how Eric bought her a gorgeous red velvet dress just before the Albert Hall concert...

Delaney and Bonnie with Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall, 1969

... but just after she'd bought a prized pair of thigh-high snake skin boots. So what to wear?!

Bonnie in her red velvet dress at the Albert Hall

 "I just had to wear that dress - but I wore my snake boots underneath. 

Bonnie shows off her snake skin boots at the Royal Albert Hall

Right in the middle of the show, I hope you know, I hocked up that dress and I showed everybody my snake boots!”

Kids On Stage logo


Kids On Stage - Summer Academy, June 2010

One of the highlights of Bonnie's calendar for the last few years has been her participation in the well established "Kids on Stage" summer academy in Leiper's Fork, TN. This year was no exception, with inspiration running high both ways. In Bonnie's own words...

Hello Dear Ones, 

OMW!! (Oh my word!!)  I am sooo overwhelmed by my 2010 experience with these Young Ones. I really want to share one moment that I don't think will ever leave me (Lord spare me Alzheimer’s). 

We were on the 2nd week and rehearsing the "All-Star" band that was assigned to my guidance. He was a guitar player and he was playing 2nd lead guitar in our band. It was so hot and I'm not a good water drinker, so I started to get dehydrated. My friend Kimberley Dahme (a great musician, singer, songwriter, and POWER BABE!!) came running to help me. She volunteered her time and knowledge and Love to our KIDs. I would come in for two hours. I'm a pretty intense teacher. I stress education and integrity but I don't harp on it. I don't have to. They start out there already so I just make my point and they either get it or not. Then on to the playing. Hey I'm no music teacher, but our Kimberley is and she's got our back. I free their spirits to fly. That's right!! I tell ‘em they can fly. You know what?? They believe me. And you know what else?... come concert time... THEY FLY!!

I don't know why GOD has chosen me to be a vessel of confidence for the FAITH LEAPERS but I can teach them to jump. To take that leap of faith that it takes to live your dreams. I validate their dreams and teach them to control themselves thru "Visualization". They get it. I am intense. No doubt. I use BIG expressions as I do in performance. Sometimes I wondered if I was too intense. After the big show, he came to me with a red flushed face (well earned by him shredding his solo on Sweet Home Alabama). "Miss Bonnie, you are the best teacher I ever had in my entire life!" (He is 12).

I share this huge honor with you all so that there is a perspective that I will never loose with the grace of God. Those words from that young man represent more honesty and appreciation for my work than any show business award or political acknowledgment. The honest heartfelt truth of our Youth is what I have been blessed with.

Thanks so much KOS. I love you and I always will.

Ms Bonnie Bramlett

Gritzfest 2010 poster (click for larger version)

Gritzfest 2010

Bonnie performed at Gritzfest II in Huntsville, AL, on 26 February. This second all-star benefit and Southern Rock home coming included perrformances from Tommy Crain (Charlie Daniels Band), Tommy Talton (Cowboy) and siblings Jimmy, Jack and Donna Hall (Wet Willie) - see more details on the Tour page.



The sessions roll on...
Let It Go



Standing On The Word



Gentlemen X

Steve Bassett
"Let It Go"

Bonnie rolls back the years and kicks up a raucous duet with Steve Bassett on the old Delaney & Bonnie hit, "Soul Shake", as well as adding disctinctive backing vocals on a number other tracks on Steve's collabouration with some of Muscle Shoals' finest.



Walter Jr.
Standing On The Word"

Bonnie's second album with Walter Jr. and his rootsy Louisiana shaded songs, this time with a strong spiritual message. Daughter Bekka joins in too, as well as The Allman Brothers' bass player Oteil Burbridge and long time musical colleagues Randal Bramblett and studio master Johnny Sandlin.


Johnny Smith
"Gentlemen X"

Bonnie and Bekka Bramlett lay down sympathetic backing for their talented nephew / cousin on the light and jazzy track, "Never Even Thought About It". Gentle pop and reggae are also covered on "Gentlemen X".



Forgotten But Not Gone

Comfort & Joy

Rocket 88 album cover, 2009

Various Artists
"Forgotten But Not Gone"

Bonnie kicks things off with “Last Night I Dreamed of New Orleans” - a lovely, lazy, swinging tale, in traditional Crescent City style.

The is album is a 100% volunteer project, with proceeds going to two home-building charities on the Gulf Coast. Bonnie is in fine company, with other tracks by daughter Bekka, Delbert McClinton, Lee Roy Parnell, Tony Joe White and others.

See CDBaby for samples and interesting album notes.

John Cowan
"Comfort & Joy

John Cowan's Christmas album incorporates country and other styles. "Bonnie Bramlett is someone I've listened to since I was very young, who helped form my identity as a musician and singer,'" Cowan says. "I loved rock, soul, gospel and acoustic music and that's what Delaney & Bonnie brought together so well. I was so into them. Now, to have her and her amazing daughter Bekka on record with me, that's a reward from this album that I will cherish forever."
Full review

Mr Groove Band
"Rocket 88:
A Tribute To Ike Turner"

Ike Turner's musical legacy is celebrated here by his latter day label mates, Mr Groove Band, who bring their own high quality jazz twist. Ike took good care of Bonnie during her brief teenage touring as an Ikette, while in recent years Mr Groove Band has given tremendous support as her backing band. So Bonnie is quite at home singing lead vocals with Audrey Turner and Darryl Johnson on a rew orked version of "Proud Mary". For more detail, see the Zoho site.

Allen Thompson album cover, 2008 What I Know album cover, 2009 A Sideman's Journey album cover

Allen Thomson
"Allen Thomson"

Guitarists Jimmy Nalls and Jack Pearson join Bonnie and others to lend a hand with Allen's personal interpretation of Americana. "Lonely Boy's Blues" is a nice slow sad song for Bonnie's lead lines. Listen to and download the album at Allen's website.

Tom Rush
"What I Know"

Tom's first studio album in 35 years. Bonnie provides faint harmony vocals on the short country toe tapper, "Hot Tonight" - a mere 40 years after Delaney & Bonnie's infamous Festival Express train ride across Canada with Tom, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Budy Guy and others. Listen to clips and download the album at Tom's website.

Klaus Voormann & Friends
"A Sideman's Journey"

Bonnie went back to Memphis to meet up and record again with old friends Don Nix, some of the Muscle Shoals crew and "5th Beatle", Klaus Voormann, on his special project that will bring a lot of joy to music lovers as well as some welcome support to others - more details below.


The Allman Brothers Band photo and logo

The Allman Brothers Band
- more musical history with Bonnie and other friends


Bonnie helped The Allman Brothers Band celebrate their 40th Anniversary with a surprise guest perormance in New York on Mach 16. Many other exciting guests, who have known and worked with The Allman Brothers Band over the years, joined the band during their 15 night run at the newly refurbished Beacon Theatre.

Despite shared musical roots and his close work with Duane Allman in 1970 and more recently with guitarist Derek Trucks, Eric Clapton had remarkably never previously shared the stage with the Allman Brothers Band. Bonnie, on the other hand, was an honorary Allman Sister during the band's tour in 1979 and sang with them on stage in 1980 and 1994.

Bonnie sang "Oncoming Traffic" with brother Gregg, before daughter Bekka also joined in for couple of rousing favourites that she'd grown up hearing from her Mom and Dad, "Comin’ Home" and " Only You Know and I Know". Bonnie and John Hammond picked up another Delaney & Bonnie favourite, Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen" and Bonnie completed her performance with "The Weight", alongside Bekka and Derek Trucks' wife, Susan Tedeschi. The crowd was thrilled and no one more so than proud sister Loretta, who's enthusiastic report is filed on the Tour page.Gregg Allman and Bonnie at The Beacon, 16 March 2009

See full setlist and review at Swampland and pictures from the full run at Jazzamataz.

A website set up by the band's drummer, Butch Trucks, allows fans to watch every concert in hi-definition video, both live and for the following six months, from the comfort of their own PC or TV. Bonnie's show can also be purchased as an individual 3CD set, or as part of one glorious Beacon Box live CD package of the whole run.


Klaus Voormann
"The Sideman’s Journey"

When you get near to 70, it's time to start thinking about making your first album. And so it was that last year, bass guitarist and "5th Beatle" Klaus Voormann set about filming and making music in Germany, England and the USA with some of the special people he has met and worked with during his unique career.

Bonnie went to Ardent Studios in Memphis in January, to cut "Mockingbird" (with Don Nix), "So Far" and "My Sweet Lord". The latter two appear on the final selection for the album, while "Mockingbird" feaures as one of three extra tracks in the expensive special package that includes a book, poster and documentary DVD (see trailer below). Bonnie's players were original Muscle Shoals Swamper, David Hood (bass), Joel Williams ( drums), Rick Steff (keys) and guitarists Kelvin Holley and John Fohl. The producer was Don Nix, a Memphis based musician who appeared with Klaus at George Harrison's Concert For Bangladesh over half a lifetime ago and who, much more recently, invited Bonnie to take a prominent role singing on his own lively album, "Going Down".


Don Nix, Bonnie and Klaus Voormann, Memphis session, 2009
Klaus and Bonnie seeing who will blink first (click for larger picture)

Released in July 2009, "The Sideman's Journey" project features contributions from Dr. John, Paul McCartney, Albert Lee, Carly Simon and Yusuf (Cat Stevens). Not only was this great fun for Bonnie, it was also for a very good cause, as proceeds will benefit Klaus and his wife's Environment & Health Charity Project on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of the Oglala Sioux.

Straight Southern Rock album cover




Remembering the 1976 UK
"Straight Southern Rock Tour"

Read, look... and even listen to a show!

The Best of Bonnie Bramlett - new CD release

"Ravens are extremely versatile and opportunistic in finding sources of nutrition", according to Wikipedia. And to illustrate the point, Raven Records in Australia have followed up their 2004 "toofer" release of "It's Time" and "Lady's Choice" with a brand new compilation of prime cuts from a decade of albums featuring Bonnie in full flight, including some tracks never previously heard on CD. "Piece Of My Heart - The Best Of Bonnie Bramlett, 1969-78", starts with half a dozen great songs from the dizzy days of Delaney & Bonnie and then collects a big bunch of cherries from Bonnie's solo albums, up to her last album for Capricorn, "Memories". A detailed booklet illuminates the background to the recordings, which provide a great introduction to Bonnie's early work. So if you're looking for a present, want to let someone know what the fuss is all about, or just want to treat yourself...

Piece Of My Heart album cover

Piece Of My Heart (Best Of)

(Click on covers for more info)

It's Time & Lady's Choice 2-on1 CD cover

It's Time / Lady's Choice

Beautiful album cover

New album, "Beautiful"

Bonnie rejoins some old "Southern" colleaugues for a great new album, "Beautiful", initially released for digital downloadand now available on CD too.

Bonnie was thrilled to invite daughter Bekka to join in on harmony vocals, as well as musical stalwarts like Scott Boyer (guitar and vocals), Tommy Talton (guitar), Randall Bramlett (keybouards, sax and vocals), Bill Stewart (drums), and Muscle Shoals all-stars David Hood (bass), Clayton Ivey and Spooner Oldham (Hammond B-3 organ). Further contributions come from Kelvin Holly and James Pennebaker (guitar), Kevin McKendree (keyboard) and Lynn Williams (drums). Producer Johnny Sandlin produced two of Bonnie's classic Capricorn records , "It's Time" (1975) and "Lady's Choice" (1976).

On March 12, 2008, Bonnie helped launch the release of "Beautiful" at a showcase during the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, as well as appearing on the panel as a representative of music during the five day festival.

Session work continues on three more tasty abums
Skin Deep album cover, 2008 1000 Miles Of Life album cover, 2008 Dueces album cover, 2007

Buddy Guy
"Skin Deep"

Bonnie, Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi and Robert Randolph all lend Buddy a black or white hand on his return to the studio, knowing that whatever colour, such differences are only skin deep... a big theme of Bonnie's life ever since working with Ike & Tina Turner and then with Memphis' Stax label early in her career.

John Oates
"1000 Miles Of Life"

Bonnie takes lead vocals on the title track of John Oates' second solo album and adds backing to daughter Bekka's lead on "Carved In Stone". These songs can be heard at John's website.

Charlie Daniels
"Signed, Sealed, Delivered"

Bonnie sings "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" as a duet with Charlie on his new "Deuces" CD - a special pleasure, as Charlie is a long time friend and one of Bonnie's greatest supporters.

Scott Boyer Benefit Concerts in Alabama, April 4 & 18, 2007

Bonnie took part in two very special benefit concerts in support of ex-Cowboy singer songwriter Scott Boyer, following his recent surgery. Southern music has always prized family and Scott is one of the family.

A choice collection of Southern musicians, including Bonnie, The Capricorn Rhythm Section and the Amazing Rhythm Aces gathered to play in Florence (April 4) and Birmingham (April 18). Gregg Allman also joined in the second event. There is some word of a DVD but in the meantime...

See Tour Dates for more details.

Mr. Groove unite with Bonnie Bramlett on her new CD

Roots, Blues & Jazz album cover


Roots, Blues & Jazz
(US release, Zoho Roots)

1. Love the One You're With
2. I Can Laugh About It Now
3. No Particular Place to Go
4. I'm Confessin'
5. Gotcha!
6. That Lucky Old Sun
7. Mercy Mercy Mercy
8. Change is Gonna Come
9. Carefree
10. Work Song
11. Love Hurts
12. Harlem Nocturne

I Can Laugh About It Now
(European release, Music Avenue)

1. Love The One You're With
2. I Can Laugh About It Now
3. Change Is Gonna Come
4. Work Song
5. Mercy Mercy Mercy
6. Love Hurts
7. Carefree
8. Gotcha
9. No Particular Place To Go
10. I'm Confessin'
11. That Lucky Old Sun
12. Harlem Nocturne

I Can Laugh About It Now album cover

Mr Groove is:
Tim Smith, bass guitar, and producer
Roddy Smith, guitar
Tim Gordon, saxes
Steve Willets, piano
Mark Stallings, Hammond B3 organ
Donnie Marshall, drums

One of the top ten albums of the year, according to
Gritz at Swampland Music


A couple of choice reviews follow, from the many complimentary ones we've seen:

1. "A legendary vocalist re-emerges with one of her best efforts ever"

Earnest upstart jazz label Zoho couldn't have chosen a better artist to christen their new roots label than the legendary Bonnie Bramlett. Anyone who has heard her dusky, sensuous voice will know she is more than able to take a song in any style and make it completely her own. The real question is, why has she stayed away from the music scene for so long and why has she chosen now to come back? On the other hand, as long as she's singing this good, does it really matter?

Those under thirty might not remember how influential she and her then-husband Delaney Bramlett were back in the late '60's and early '70's. Right in the music mix with the biggest English rock stars like Clapton, Joe Cocker and Traffic, Delaney and Bonnie helped organize one of the biggest rock tours of their day and also released several great albums that ended up being FM staples for many years. Eventually, their musical and personal union broke up and the two went their separate ways. While both stayed in music for a time, eventually both faded from view, the sum of their parts apparently greater than the two of them individually.

After a few acting stints, most notably as a frequent guest star on the Roseanne sitcom, and more than thirty years after her heyday, Bonnie Bramlett is back to prove she hasn't lost one teeny bit of her vocal power and also to remind everyone in this Pro-tools, auto-tuned world that there's still some vocalists who can still sing, dammit. Together with her band, a fresh crew of Southern soul upstarts who probably weren't even born when Bramlett was first on the charts, Bramlett seeks to reclaim her soul diva crown from the current crop of neo-soul (how about neo-suck?) youngsters who try to sing pure soul music but can't quite seem to get the job done like the veteran

From blues to ballads to uptempo soul-funk, this album has a little bit of everything Bramlett does well. Despite her age her vocal powers are still as supple as ever and her phrasing is sublime as well. I may be going out on a limb but maybe everything she has done in the past, including her almost thirty-year hibernation out of the public eye, was all in preparation of this fine album. She sure sings as if she has had tons of emotion bottled up in her for a long time and does it with a joy that is infectious. She seems to be having as much fun singing as I am having listening to her songs. Acquiring her early records long after she had exited stage right, this set reminds me why I had loved those so much.

Those who appreciate true soul music sung and performed by artists who know how to do it right will no doubt love this album. Fans of '70's rock music who have wondered what happened to one of the great vocalists of the period will welcome this album as well. Hopefully this is just the beginning of another long chapter in Bramlett's career. Either way, this album is a thrilling tour de force and one that I am sure will be staying in my CD changer for many weeks to come.

Scott Homewood


Bonnie Bramlett and Mr. Groove Band
Roots, Blues & Jazz (Zoho)

Singer Bonnie Bramlett not only revisits her rock and soul roots on this spirited recording, she also interprets various jazz standards well suited to her bluesy style. Bramlett’s voice sounds an octave lower and a tad smokier than it was during the 1970s, but it still packs a soulful wallop.

With this follow-up to her 2002 comeback release I’m Still the Same, Bramlett sings with confidence drawn from experience. At age 15 she became the first white Ikette backing Ike and Tina Turner. In 1967 she married Delaney Bramlett, and together they formed the blue-eyed soul duo Delaney & Bonnie. On a European tour, the pair fronted a dream band whose members included Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Bramlett later embarked on a successful solo career, and in the ’90s landed a recurring role on the TV sitcom “Rosanne.”

Backed by the versatile six-piece ensemble Mr. Groove, Bramlett belts out the first two rollicking numbers like it’s 1969 again. Then the music turns jazzy. Chuck Berry’s “No Particular Place to Go” begins as a cool-jazz tune and ends as a snazzy swinger. A gospel-influenced cover of “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” seems appropriate since its composer, Joe Zawinul, was one of the first to recognize Bramlett’s potential as a jazz singer. A spine-tingling take on Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” is the album’s centerpiece, while smoldering versions of “I’m Confessin’” and “Harlem Nocturne” are offset by uptempo tracks like “Work Song” and the original finger-snapper “Gotcha.” Two other solid originals are also included.

Unlike Rod Stewart’s bloated renditions of standards, Bramlett’s arrangements remain true to her R&B background, and the end result is a fine album.

Ed Kopp

'The Guardian' - Film Reviews & News


"Bonnie Bramlett is phenomenal as the crusty owner of a blues bar where the guys hang out; the role gives us several chances to hear her glorious singing." (St. Petersburg Times)


"There's a particularly affecting scene involving barmaid Bonnie Bramlett that should have had her in awards contention." by Ed Blank, Pittsburg Tribute-Review, January 25, 2007

The Guardian review,



THE GUARDIAN premier and Bonnie Bramlett photo:

The Guardian review,


REVIEWS: Crowd-pleasing 'Guardian’ far from all wet

Are you intrigued by the sequences in “The Perfect Storm” in which Coast Guard rescue teams attempt to save storm-tossed sailors? If so, you’ll be pleased that “The Guardian” tells a more-detailed story about people like them, courageous folks who are willing to jump into cold, rough seas to try to save human lives.

The action-packed, water-drenched, crowd-pleasing film stars Kevin Costner as Ben Randall, a veteran rescuer near the end of his Coast Guard career, and Aston Kutcher as Jake, the young Coast Guardsman to whom Ben may one day pass the torch.

The men meet at the Coast Guard’s rescue school, where Ben reluctantly teaches classes after being grounded by injuries and age, and where Jake is a cocky, hot-shot swimming champion who is eager to wipe Ben’s rescue records off the wall.

The beginning and end of “The Guardian” feature several riveting, well-staged rescues. We’re introduced to Ben as he valiantly saves storm victims in a riveting opening sequence. By the film’s end, Ben and Jake are together in the heaving water, again in an attempt to rescue folks in trouble. Director Andrew Davis (an action drama veteran, thanks to “The Fugitive” and “The Package”) brings intensity and reality to the scenes, though we’re given at least one too many rescue sequences. The overly long “Guardian” offers more than one ending; you’ll swear the credits were about to roll at least twice before they finally do.

Meanwhile, the film’s vast middle portion will remind filmgoers of “An Officer and a Gentleman” and other boot-camp sagas, telling of young recruits trying to get through the rigors of an elite military program.

Both actors are well cast. Costner projects the courage and determination of a life-long rescuer, along with the frustrations of not being able to sustain a family life, and with the encroachment of age and injury. And, as the seemingly arrogant student, Kutcher lets out just enough vulnerability for filmgoers to understand he’s an emotionally wounded young man who needs to mature.

They’re ably supported by Melissa Sagemiller and Sela Ward as the women in Jake’s and Ben’s lives, and Brian Geraghty and Dule Hill as fellow students at the rescue school.

Special kudos to Bonnie Bramlett, a legendary blues-rock performer of the ’60s and ’70s who appears here as a mother-confessor bartender and still-rockin’ saloon singer.

Three stars out of four.


The Guardian — After losing his crew in a storm at sea, a Coast Guard rescuer (Kevin Costner) becomes an instructor and takes on an arrogant recruit (Ashton Kutcher). The latest in an endless line of mentorstudent training dramas was directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive). Singer Bonnie Bramlett pops up as an entertainer in the requisite off-duty club that everyone visits in the PG-13 adventure.


Singer serves it up: Bonnie Bramlett, who plays Kevin Costner’s bartender friend in “The Guardian,” is no stranger to sharing the stage with big-name celebrities. She was a member of the 19nd, Delaney Bramlett. Some of the well-known “friends” to perform with Bramlett include Eric Clapton and George Harrison. She still continues to write and tour as a solo act. Bramlett also appeared as a bartender in “The Doors” (1991).

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But wait. It's also The Right Stuff, as Costner's Randall copes with inner demons, legends of a spirit of the deep, a failing marriage (to Helen, played by Sela Ward) and a grizzled lady bartender (folk rocker Bonnie Bramlett in a nice turn) who relates life lessons to the old guy and the old guy's legend to his students.


An officer and a 'Guardian'

Kevin Costner's new film has quite a familiar ring, but it's somewhat redeemed by good performances and action scenes.

Published September 28, 2006

It's basically An Officer and a Gentleman, only wet. And cold. In Kevin Costner's comeback movie, The Guardian, there's a hotshot recruit in an elite military training program. He's arrogant and doesn't want to be a team player. The tough veteran officer dislikes him and tries to drive him out of the service with grueling physical punishment, but the two end up respecting and even liking each other.

Meanwhile, the hotshot starts dating an attractive but hardened local woman. She doesn't want to get serious because she knows these trainees always leave as soon as they finish school.

It's a pretty blatant ripoff of a plot that was formulaic to begin with.

Still, thanks to appealing performances by Costner and Ashton Kutcher - and a lot of rousing action scenes - The Guardian ends up being satisfying but disposable entertainment.

Here Costner is Ben Randall, a superstar Coast Guard rescue swimmer. These are the people who drop from helicopters in cold, stormy seas (the setting is Alaska) to help people who have been thrown off boats and ships.

After a tragedy he is powerless to avoid, Randall, aging but still effective, is assigned to train new recruits, including Jake Fischer (Kutcher), a champion high school swimmer.

Fischer is brash and cares more about breaking Randall's records than saving lives. Randall has no patience with Fischer's ego.

Meanwhile, (surprise!) Randall's marriage is on the rocks because he cares more about strangers in distress than his wife, and Fischer is driven by a dark secret.

The story is punctuated with a palpable sense of the harrowing rescues. These guys drop into seas with waves so high that huge ships are tossed about. They enter burning, sinking ships to rescue trapped sailors.

Those scenes are exciting, but they're all kind of the same, with churning seas and driving nighttime storms. And we never really get a sense of what drives people to take such unpleasant and dangerous work (other than the too-facile revelation of Fischer's secret).

There are lots of peripheral roles, and all the actors are quite engaging. Bonnie Bramlett is phenomenal as the crusty owner of a blues bar where the guys hang out; the role gives us several chances to hear her glorious singing. (Baby boomers may remember Bramlett as the co-leader of Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, an R&B band that included Eric Clapton.)

So, for the first two hours, there's enough artistry to assuage the triteness. But then, in the last few minutes, things crumble. The climax is clumsily telegraphed, and the denouement is as hokey as anything you've ever seen in a major movie. It leaves a serious scar on an otherwise solid action flick.

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