In Memory Of Those We Have Lost


Delaney Bramlett
Rest In Peace
1939 - 2008

Delaney Bramlett
Delaney Bramlett and Bonnie

Delaney Bramlett singing with Bonnie and daughter Bekka

Some words just belong together. Colorful character. Flawed diamond. Master musician. Delaney & Bonnie... peaches and cream, sugar and spice.

Most famous for his work during the time he was being lauded and accompanied by the likes of George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman and of host of other stars, Delaney was a true genius with a firm grasp of gospel, blues and other American musical roots which he forged into his own exuberant sound. He spent the whole of his life writing, singing, arranging and producing music for himself and others - much of it in the tiny studio at the back of his house. A big hearted man, his passing leaves an irreplaceable void.

Ruth Nizinski
Rest In Peace
1920 - 2006

Ruth Nizinski (1920 - 2006)


Our Mother was a preacher
a Clown, a Sage, a Harridan, and a Queen
We called her "The Front"
for all of our whit, talent, and graces
sprang from her fountain without measure

Our Mother was a lover
accepting the extraordinary and common
with equal graciousness into her heart
Waifs, and vagabonds were her specialty
or anyone with a need that she was sure to find
and fill it with sewing, cooking, or painting
or just a soft touch hidden within an iron glove

Our Mother was a Liar
telling each child, be it hers or others
small or adult that she loved them best
She would tell you what you really, really
needed to hear, but rarely what she really thought
She would cheat at cards so you would excel and learn how to be a good winner as well as a loser

Our Mother was a Taskmaster
demanding hard work without complaint
instilling in us honesty and compassion, grit and
truth and justice to be handed out to one and all
She was the epitome of "The Show Must Go on"

Our Mother was a Teacher
she taught us how to laugh through
all our hard times and our good times
She taught us how to be kind, and tough, to be
willing and able to face almost anything
She taught us how to live and finally how to die
with dignity and loving grace.

Our Mother Was...
In the largest sense of the word
and she will always be the silent, unforgivable
center of our lives

Loretta Elverud


Mike Nizinski
Beloved Brother

Mike Nizinskiski

Always in our hearts... Together again in the light !!!


Our warriors lie sleeping now
we lay them to rest as one
From shores, and plains
and jungles, their battles
now are won.

From our fields of Warriors,
a line both fierce and brave
They feared no man or
mortal, they fought for
lives to save

Michael is among them now,
those both proud and bold
and he sleeps with the Unfallen
their legends no untold
He will lay with all his
Heroes, his father, brother,
and the rest,
who gave their hearts in silence
who rose to every test

Our warriors lie sleeping now
we add this life to them,
We know that they will keep
him safe with the love that
never dims

So Goodnight, Sweet Prince,
May the Angels follow you
to your rest,
lie among the Unfallen;
all we loved the best.

Your sister, Loretta


Patti Page
1927 - 2013

Patti Page (1927 - 2013)

Patti Page became known and loved across the globe during an active singing career that spanned over six decades and delivered numerous million selling pop and country hit records.

With strong and mixed emotions at the end of Patti’s journey, Bonnie remembers, “Patti was a huge influence on me - a white woman who embraced the lyric first, then the melody just flowed along. She was a storyteller. I so loved her. I’ll see you in the light, Madam, I bow to your Being! Thank you. I have Tennessee Waltzed thru a pretty decent life… thanks again, Patti ."


Jani Lane
1964 - 2011

Bekka Bramlett and Jani Lane

Jani Lane, pictured here with Bekka, has sadly passed away far too soon.

"We're gonna remember our beautiful, funny, talented, blue eyed darling. RIP, dear Jani. See you in the light, Sweetheart."
Bonnie Bramlett


Tommy Crain
1951 - 2011

Bonnie with Tommy Crain, Gritfest II, 2010

Tommy Crain, long time guitarist for The Charlie Daniels Band, passed away in his sleep on January 13, 2011. In recent years, Tommy lead his own band, The Crosstown Allstars, who performed their own set and backed Bonnie at the Gritzfest II Festival in February 2010.

"I am faced with loss of friends. I am not guaranteed tomorrow nor have I ever been... Our Dear Friend Tommy Crain has Crossed Over and I will truely miss him. My prayers for the "COMFORTER " to stay his wife Melissa are strong and long. I sure am going to miss you Brother and I say to you... Well Done Dear Friend and I'll see you in the LIGHT." Bonnie Bramlett


Jerry Wexler
1917 - 2008

Jerry Wexler and Bonnie going fishingDelaney and Bonnie take in an Aretha show with Dr.John and the Wexlers

Another dear friend, Jerry Wexler, has just finished his long and distinguished journey on August 15, 2008. He helped champion Delaney & Bonnie at Atlantic Records and over 30 years later was most generous and enthusiastic in his sleeve note comments for Bonnie's "come back" album, "I'm Still The Same". Jerry possesed a tremendous combination of business acumen, technical expertise in the studio, a passion for great music and understanding of what made it great, together with an abundance of spirit and good humour.


Isaac Hayes
1942 - 2008

Isaac Hayes (1942 - 2008)

Bonnie's good friend, Isaac Hayes, passed away on August 10, 2008. Perhaps best known for his role in the film, Shaft, Isaac was also one of the main creative influences at Memphis' southern soul music label, Stax Records during its heyday in the mid to late sixties. Isaac joined Delaney & Bonnie on backing vocals when they recorded their first album, Home, at Stax in 1969.


Phil Walden
1940 - 2006

  Phil Walden (1940 - 2006) Bonnie, Phil Walden and Elvin Bishop

Our close friend Phil Walden, founder of Capricorn Records, passed away on April 24, 2006.
Our deepest sympathy to all his family and friends.


Ray Charles
Rest In Peace
1930 - 2004

Ray Charles (1930 - 2004)

"I'll always remember my hero Ray Charles said "A heart with no hurt is hollow". I was still a teenager when I heard him say this. He was on TV. Some talk show, and the guy asked him to define SOUL. You know how he would always sway? Well, he stopped swaying and his big constant smile relaxed from his face and he said "A Heart with no hurt is hollow" and everything made sense to me. He validated me. As a Caucasian girl who chose a predominately Black demonstrative expression. I knew then that it was all right for me. It's about truth not color. I've loved you Mr. Charles. May they lay you down easy and I'll be looking to see you in the Light." Bonnie Bramlett


Sam Phillips
1923 - 2003

Sam Phillips (1923 - 2003)

"We have truly been blessed to have lived on this planet at the same time as Sam Phillips. I shall not miss him as he has left so very much of himself behind. Thanks Sam ... for EVERYTHING!!!!! I'll see ya in the light, Love, Bonnie"

Gregory Hines
1946 - 2003


Gregory Hines (1946 - 2003)

"...someone had written It's the END of an Era!!! And my first reaction was, NO!, It's the BEGINNING of a new ERA that Mr. Gregory Hines left for the young ones. What a greatness that he mastered .. This TAP DANCE!! It was left to him by the GREAT ONES that went before him.. He took it another STEP. Now look at our young ones TAP DANCE!!! NO, he never left anything to 'an end'. He left it to grow!! I'll see ya in the light Gregory, Blessings." Bonnie Bramlett



Jessica Yvette Rebennack (1973 - 2003)


Steve Miller
1942 - 2003

Steve Miller

from the editor of Gritz Magazine, Michael "Buffalo" Smith

Southern Rocker Steve Miller Passes Away

Merritt Island, FL: Stephen (Steve) Miller long time keyboardist for Grinderswitch passed away August 17, 2003 at his home in Merritt Island, Florida, after a long illness.

Steve was best known for his incredible keyboard work on all the Grinderswitch LPs. He was a master at the Hammond B3, and noted for his bluesy style. Well known and highly respected in the Southern Rock and Blues communities. In the 70's and early 80's he toured extensively with Grinderswitch, playing shows with the Allman Brothers Band, Charlie Daniels Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Winters Brothers Band, Bonnie Bramlett and many more. He is survived by his family.


Amanda Elizabeth Chandler (1979 - 2003)


Waylon Jennings
1937 - 2002

Waylon Jennings (1937 - 2002)


Connie Raye Karels
1954 - 2001

Connie Raye Karels (1954 - 2001)


George Harrison
1943 - 2001

George Harrison (1943 - 2001) 

Goodbye, Mr. Mysterioso!

Eddy Shaver
1962 - 2000

Eddy Shaver (1962 - 2000)

Bonnie Bramlett, Billy Joe Shaver & Eddy Shaver at Poodies


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