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Testifying in London, 2005

Bonnie Bramlett, George Soulé and Larry Jon Wilson flew in to the UK in April 2005, to take part in The Country Soul Revue Live concerts at Cargo. They were also joined at The Barbican by Mavis Staples, Tony Joe White and some of the cream of the crop from Muscle Shoals, at a showcase concert for the "Testifying" album. Webmaster Peter Cross asked about the album and ensuing concert...

TLN logoWhat made you choose to sing "Where's Eddie" for the "Testifying" album?

Dan Penn and Spooner (Oldham) suggested I sing this one. Actually I recorded Eddie's "Cover Me" and "Where You Come From", so I was a bit flattered that they chose "Where's Eddie" for this project.

What are your memories of working with Eddie Hinton?

I remember Eddie to be very good-looking. I think I might have been a bit aggressive for him at the time. He is very DEEP. Much like James Dean or Johnny Depp.

Did you get to work one to one with Eddie, or was it mainly as part of a collective effort in the studio?

Definitely a collective effort. Mostly between Jonnie Sandlin and Johnny Wyker and Eddie doing preproduction. Then they showed up for my performance. Needless to say I tried my very best to please them and I did :) It's fair to say Eddie thought the world of me, as I do him.

What made you get up and start touring again a few years ago?

I was convinced by my youngest daughter Bekka that I had more work to do. I wasn't DONE yet. She validated my inner most longings to return to the stage.

You've covered a fair variety of styles in your time, so what kind of music can we expect to hear at your shows in London this time?

You can expect me to sing STRONG and SOULFUL, whatever I choose at the time. In small rooms I shall be more personal, touching your hearts. In the larger venues I shall take to my top.

Have you ever sung with Mavis Staples before?

Not really. I am just so excited that we might on this tour. She has always been one of my favorites. She is truly ANOINTED!

You've performed in England a few times but not in the last 20 years or so. How do you recall the audiences over here?

They are truly COLOR BLIND! I find you people to have a great understanding and acceptance for Honest expression. And you all love to see a woman all lathered up. LOL

What are you most trying to communicate from the stage?

If I knew that I wouldn't be so nuts. I'm just trying to let you in on what's going on in my guts. I expose myself to you, for what ever it's worth. WARTS AND ALL! Most of you get it, some don't. My job is to put it all out there, and I do, ALL OF IT. I'm blessed that way. I hold nothing back. Not on that stage.

What's your proudest moment?


What's your biggest remaining ambition?

To grow old gracefully.


And here are some pictures of the memorable music in London that followed this interview...

Barbican rehearsal (left to right): Bryan Owings, Spooner Oldham, David Hood, George Soule, Jimmy Johnson, Clayton Ivey, Bonnie Bramlett, Larry Byrom
Bonnie & Jimmy Johnson at the Barbican rehearsal, London, 2005 Bonnie at the Cargo Club, London, 2005 Bonnie at the Barbican rehearsal, London, 2005
George Soule, Mavis Staples, Bonnie, Jimmy Johnson, & Donnie Fritts at the Barbican concert, London, 2005


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