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Welcome to Bonnie Bramlett' s official website

We hope you enjoy your visit with one of America's greatest singers. You'll find a bit from the past, today and tomorrow. A bit of acting and lot more singing. Some blues, rock, gospel and jazz... always with soul.


Delaney Bramlett, RIP
(1 July 1939 - 27 December 2008

Early portrait of Delaney and Bonnie

Delaney and Bonnie at Delaney's ranch in 2005

Delaney and Bonnie, pictured near the start and the end of their shared path on this earth


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

A message from Bonnie:

"As you may have noticed my daughters are campaigning for their father's musical legacy. Our Michele has taken the reins and with her sisters right by her side, she has tested the waters (so to speak) to see if she would be embraced by our peers and she has been :-)

Delaney passed away not long ago and his daughters naturally want to celebrate his life's work, secure the recognition it deserves and bring it to a wider audience. He made some great music as a solo artist, as well as with Delaney & Bonnie.

I want to ask you all to support my girls in their endeavor to make things right. For whatever reasons, the girls have not inherited from their father, so they have no hope chest to work with. They're working on their own so far. I want you all to know that I plan to support them with my performances if and when they need me. I will receive no financial benefit in any form for my performances or any other participation I may be asked to do. This IS NOT a request for any support in the form of $, just need your prayers and your votes. Just go see what the girls are up to. They are good girls and I'm very proud of them. I hope you will be as well :-) "

(Since this message was first posted, a move has started to support the induction of Delaney & Bonnie into the Hall of Fame. A page on Facebook also suppports this aim.)


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